Saturday, September 17, 2016

New Blackhawk Michal Kempny's adjustments begin with World Cup of Hockey

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Grasp of Michal Kemp knee of English, native is easy in the Czech Republic he was well developed that it is reportedly wanted to postpone the interview until it can be brought over an interpreter.

When the conversation in a language other than the Czech Republic, he is one of the many adjustments that Kempny has been made has continued his journey to the Black Hawks and the NHL. In his last stop in front of the training camp, the World Cup of hockey start Saturday Kemp knee Toronto, the numbers have played a major role in the Czech Republic. Team USA, the Czech Republic while the face off against Team Europe will take on Canada in qualifying.

At 26, Kempny can be thought of as a late bloomer. Including the HC Brno rice and 5 - - he played six seasons in the Czech league, May 24 before the raid Hawks in the general manager Stan Bowman in a different Omsk Avangard and KHL, 1 year on the left side, $ nine hundred twenty-five thousand signed a defense agreement -handed shooter has been pencil to the starting point on the Hawks blue line.

"The last two years in Brno in the Czech league, I a lot of minutes, so he played the coach believe me, it helped very good for me," Kempny said. "And, in Omsk last year, because I think it was good for my confidence, I, (power play), (penalty kill), played all. It had again great season there. Now, I am pleased to be signing in Chicago. "

So Bowman hit a home run when he was signed from the KHL last season in Artemi Panarin Jersey is located. Winger, won the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year in the NHL.

It Kempny is to overcome the lack of last season on the depth of the defense, you can contribute to the instant the first Hawks team of outside could not bowed to the round of the playoffs to the blues expected the was created.

"The biggest problem with these players, how is quickly they will be able to migrate," Bowman said. "One year I know before when we were talking about Panarin, I ', just waiting, here let's take a look at" everyone, like, tried to care, apparently he blew it from his play and the water of a kind.

"But, because it is it is the adjustment of 1, things. Happen fast, you are in the sense that the skating rink is small, completely different culture, is as easy as think. People who have come across different languages ​​and different game There is not. please make sure I do not have a quick or it would happen. "

World Cup, will be played at the Air Canada Centre on the small surface of the NHL than most of Europe of the skating rink. Kempny not only to use it, to begin the adjustment to play against the top players in the world, it will spread to the entire other seven teams in the tournament.

"It I've played a lot of minutes, I believe that it is possible to play against all of the players," Kempny said. "Skating rink, so are smaller in North America, I I believe that would be ready for that. I do not have to fast. "

Bowman said: "As a defense, it is different from the come forward you have to defend a different angle, so you probably have more time on the large skating rink, your intention rapidity of decision is something that is going to he must get used to. "

Adjustment of the ice, he Kempny you need to do to migrate to life in the United States is not the only.

"I always imagine that you were going to go to live in the Czech Republic, do not speak the language, trying to tell the people - it is difficult," Bowman said. "You're in there for a few hours, spend an hour or two in the link in the game, and then, when you go away, it is a completely different world.

"I think he would be OK, it must understand that it will never happen in an instant. Going to be a process."

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