Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links: Go Team North America

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The Hockey World Cup is over for the likes of Patrick Kane Jersey Chicago Blackhawks end, among others

Good morning, Chicago Blackhawks fans. Training Camp Festival Blackhawks is three days away, but what most hockey fans focus now is the World Cup of Hockey. And boy, were probably disappointed American fans Tuesday.

US team quickly he fell out of the race for a place in the semifinals, dropping a decision Canada 4-2 in the preliminary game on Tuesday. This came two days after the Americans were surprisingly shut out by the European team in a 3-0 defeat.

And so remaining US team play against the team of Czech Republic is just to show (for both teams, really). Team Canada and Europe have advanced equipment of Group A, while the team is in Sweden in Group B. All that remains is to see who will advance out of Group B between the North America team and the Russian team with the Finnish team already eliminated from contention.

Team North America takes on Team Sweden today in what promises to be the most entertaining game of the preliminary round. strong defense of Sweden, with the likes of Niklas Hjalmarsson Blackhawks Jersey blueliner, will face a talented group of young fast in North America Team. It should be fun. Team Russia, meanwhile, will face Finland on Thursday equipment.

But back to US team

Yes, so the US team totally implode in this tournament. At least one of the favorites to disable the preliminary stage, the group has scored two goals, rather than only Finland (1) and similar to the Czech Republic. US team You may have some questionable parts, but had enough good big players / score more goals in two games for the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, at least a couple of guys had fun at the expense of the US team Tuesday.

Very happy I was born without legs. The bobsled team US has a better record of success in the US male team up ....

Those are some wild tweets right there. The first is that of Phil Kessel, a member of the current Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins who was left off the list strange that the US team is happy .. Think that is not part of that mess now ?

The second tweet is Josh Paul, a defender for the national hockey team US sled. The boy threw some major shadow on the US team through its own disability (he born without legs). That's pretty impressive, actually.

Anyway, now that the US team has one game left, it is time to end the North America team. Although there is no current connections Blackhawks in the list, is easily the most exciting team in the field. It would be fun to see the group take on Canada in the final.

Now, let's move on to some links in the morning.

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